Best Printer For Index Cards

There is a lot of information that needs to be kept in your head at all times. Whether it’s deadlines, passwords, or the names and phone numbers of friends you haven’t seen in years, there are always things on your mind.

The best way to keep this information organized and accessible is with index cards. Index cards make for quick reference and organization because they can fit into any pocket or purse without taking up much space. It’s also easy to find one card when you need it quickly by flipping through them like a deck of playing cards.

In this article, I will be discussing the best printer for index cards so that you can print your favourite card easily that makes significant enough text for easy reading but is compact enough to fit in your pocket or purse.

When I found out that my favourite company was coming out with a printer specifically for index cards, I couldn’t wait to try it! But the more I researched, the more confused I became. There are so many different kinds of printers, and they all seemed to have their own pros and cons. What is the best option? And which one should you choose if you’re on a budget? You’ll find everything in this blog post – from reviews of each type of printer to advice on how to decide what kind will work best for your needs.

Best Printer for Index Cards [7 Top-Picks]

I did manage to find some machines that fit my needs by doing a little research online. Want to know how it went? Well, read on…

01# WorkForce WF-7710 – Best Printer For Index Cards

WorkForce WF-7710 Index printerStop fighting a heavyweight battle when you can fight smarter with all-in-one, wireless simplicity. The WorkForce WF-7710 makes it easy for everyone in your business to print index cards, fax, scan and copy color or black and white documents as fast as 8.7 pages per minute right from the touch screen on this Epson printer.

With an efficient 250 sheet paper tray that’s capable of storing up to 20 sheets of photo paper or ten envelopes waiting for printing at one time, this device is perfect for any office setting, whether big or small. And with a convenient, built-in ethernet port that will help you maintain fast print speeds without having to depend on your local wifi connection.

With this Epson WorkForce 7710 printer’s plug and play technology and the ability to function as a Windows shared or a standalone device, sharing files between users has never been easier. Plus, with the ability to print from various mobile devices, including smartphones or tablets using AirPrint; Google Cloud Print; Apple AirPrint; Brother iPrint&Scan and Cortado Workplace Pro Software, you can create custom printed documents whenever / wherever they are needed most – all at no cost!

Why You’ll Love This All-in-One Printer:

The Epson Wireless Wide Format Printer has been reviewed by professional product reviewers, both online and offline, in leading industry publications. Below is a summary of their reviews so you get an idea about what they liked or didn’t like about the item and also why they chose one rating over another:

“Very easy setup with a CD disk allowing me to walk through various features. Had no trouble connecting wirelessly via the router after I reset it as per instructions from the support center.”

“Great value for money. Setting up my wireless network was very simple and fast. Prints index cards very well, and print quality is good. Good all-around unit for someone who does not need extreme printing volume or extra features.”

The Epson WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Printer is an excellent value for big business and small office owners who want a reliable, multifunction printer that doesn’t break the bank. Make sure to get your very own Epson Printer today!


  • Good all-around device
  • Fast printing speeds
  • Great value for the money
  • Requires more manual maintenance and effort to use than other devices

02# Canon Pixma Pro-100 – Best Wireless Inkject Printer

Canon Pixma Pro-100 Wireless printerAre you a painter, photographer, family historian?

Canon’s Pixma Pro-100 wireless colour printer brings your artwork to life in incredible detail. With eight dye-based inks for unique gradients and colour and 3 of which are dedicated grayscale inks for beautiful black & white prints, this machine has been made with artists’ needs in mind.

The Optimum Image Generating System reproduces colours as you intend them by logically selecting the optimum ink combination and placement. The new automatic paper tray makes it possible to print on both plain and photo papers with ease. This machine will make your next piece a masterpiece!

It is excellent that it can print in sizes from a 4×6 to an A3+ which makes it more versatile than many other printers. SAVE EVEN MORE ON VALUE PACKS! Only replace the inks that run out. The unused ink will remain fresh and ready for the next time you need them. The system of 6144 nozzles gives excellent printing quality.

The Pro 100 has a new light-sensitive colour LCD screen which is easy to navigate with the buttons located on the printer itself. The printer has built-in wifi so you can print directly from your mobile devices and computer without having to connect it via USB cable. You can use AirPrint if you have an iPhone or just send yourself a picture email straight from your phone using Mopria printing.

The printer does not have a CD or DVD printing function, but by inserting printable CDs or DVDs into the manual tray, you can print on them. Be sure to use the correct type of disk for the right colour of ink (CD-R for black, CD-RW for colour).

All in all, this is a brilliant machine, and I would definitely recommend it.

The Canon Pixma Pro-100 has a lot of fantastic features and performs well. It is great as you can use it for everyday printing needs and for more professional uses such as photos and artwork. The only downside to the machine I found was that at times it did not print the correct colour when using coloured CD’s or DVDs. However, with this problem solved, you will have no trouble getting good quality prints from your machine.

In Short, if you are looking for a high-quality printer which can be used at home, work or college then this would be a perfect choice!


  • It has a new light-sensitive color LCD screen which is easy to navigate
  • It comes with free photo editing software on the disk
  • Good value for money as you don’t have to replace all of the inks when one runs out
  • It’s pretty big, so it needs a lot of space.
  • It also makes a bit of noise while printing, but nothing too loud.

03# HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 – Best All-in-One Printer For Index cards

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 PrinterSeriously, have you seen the size of this thing?

It’s 14% smaller and still manages to keep printing at a speedy 20 pages per minute. It also prints on 26 different kinds of paper, has really high-quality laser capability for those very important documents (we’re talking audit reports here), and can print up to 58 copies from one original!

Plus, it has a fast front-side scanner with HP Image Assistant (which basically means you won’t jam up the scanning mechanism). And there’s that staple or binding option, so document organization really isn’t an issue here.

The best part, though? It doesn’t come with a cord to plug into your computer! That is how far we have advanced in printing technology. No more cords or wires—just wireless!

And if you’re wondering, yes, this printer is compatible with your favourite smartphone!

When it comes to the overall appearance of the printer, I am very impressed. It’s sleek and sexy—an office space dream come true.

The touchscreen is intuitive and easy to use, making operating the device a breeze. In addition to that colour screen for monitoring printing jobs as they progress (and getting a view of the ink levels), several icons on the side will allow you to scan things quickly first before printing them out. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but when you’re in a hurry or just don’t have time to waste scanning something twice—it can be incredibly helpful!

So is the OfficeJet Pro 8025 All-in-One Printer worth it? Absolutely. It’s so big and clunky, but it is also worth every penny because of its usefulness in our lives as students, business executives, and everyday people who are looking to get more out of their printing experience.

If you’re an HP fan, then this printer is a no-brainer. But don’t just take my word for it—check out the reviews on their Website!


  • Fast print speeds
  • Intuitive interface
  • Print quality is high, which means your documents will have a professional look to them.
  • The wifi is ready, so it’s very easy to set up and operate.
  • This printer automatically updates to ensure maximum performance, so you don’t have to worry about continually updating the printer’s software.
  • The printer has wifi capabilities, but it does not have a cord to plug into the computer if that is your preferred method of printing.
Important Info: For those who are unfamiliar with the “HP Instant Ink” program, it is a subscription service that allows you to have ink delivered to your home as soon as it is needed. Quite simply, if you are in need of ink for your OfficeJet Pro 8025 All-in-One Printer (and let’s face it—it is now or never), then we think that HP Instant Ink is better than any other option available right now. The price only increases from there on after your two month trial period, and this printer will pretty much become your best friend because you won’t have to go out and find replacement cartridges for months at a time.

04# Canon Pixma iX6820 – Best Wireless Printer for Index cards

Canon Pixma iX6820 Wirelress PrinterYour business has a lot of thoughts and ideas that deserve to be noticed. Let the PIXMA iX6820 Wireless Inkjet Business Printer do the heavy lifting for you, so all your big plans will get their time in the spotlight.

For those in charge of keeping the workplace productive, efficient, and innovative – you need one effective tool to get it all done.

The Canon PIXMA iX6820 Wireless Inkjet Business Printer is just what you’ve been looking for. Manufactured with quality materials, including metal, plastic, and rubberized portions, this printer is built to sustain the wear and tear that often comes with a workplace environment.

Pair its fine print head technology with an AirPrint function or Google Cloud Print service (with optional purchase of a cloud-printing module) to quickly have your business idea up on display for everyone to see- no matter where they are. Regardless of what kind of paper stock will do the trick- from glossy magazines types, photo paper, envelopes, etc., this wireless printer will do it all. When considering your options for better printing – you should look no further than the Canon iX6820 Printer.

You’ll also enjoy quickly connecting this advanced yet user-friendly machine to the network with its Ethernet connection, as well as a high-performance print speed reaching up to 15 ppm (pages per minute) in both colour and black-and-white.

Today’s businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions require a wireless solution that can keep up with them, one they can count on to print documents when needed and where needed.

The Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer delivers time and again when it comes to the easy setup of the device through its Easy Touch interface. You won’t need to spend hours getting your whole team connected because its intuitive software makes setup as simple as 1, 2, 3 (with optional purchase of a USB cable).

If you are looking for an exceptional product that will get the job done – look no further than this beast Printer.

The Canon iX6820 Business Printer is an excellent printer for any level of printing you are looking to do in your home or business. This printer will give you the quality prints you are looking for without spending an arm and leg on getting them printed.

This unit can take most media types from regular paper, index cards, photo stock, and even a few different types of envelopes when needed. As I said, the setup was super simple as well. I had everything up and running in no time, all things considered. You get some pretty great print options with this unit as well, including grayscale mode, duplex, borderless printing, among other features which really add value to this product.


  • Superb printer for a great price
  • Easy to set up and use, even for novices
  • Easy to find replacement ink cartridges
  • Wireless connectivity isn’t perfect (I have to reboot the router now and then)

05# Canon TS9521C – Best Photo Printer For index cards

Canon TS9521C PrinterThe Canon TS9521C is the perfect way to print your favourite crafts. With all-in-one wireless capabilities, this device can connect with any wifi-enabled or Bluetooth printer app while also printing from your smartphone or tablet.

Get creative and print a life-size bulletin board for home decor, computer art of yourself that’s bigger than you are, baby birth announcements for friends expecting their bundle of joy, how we can forget index cards — anything you want. Printing up to 12’x12′ paper invitations? Look no further than this Canon Printer!

Unlike most printers on the market today, this one has five individual inks ready to go so that you never have to worry about which colours might be out of stock.

The five individual colour inks are the colours cyan, magenta, yellow, black and pink. Each of these colours contains its own cartridge so that you never have to replace all of your colours at once from a single colour running out.

This printer includes two-sided auto printing to cut down on paper waste because it automatically prints both sides of the paper. You can print everything from calendars to photo books without ever having to flip over a page! Each page is crisp and clear with 2400 dpi resolution so that no detail goes unnoticed.

The Pixma TS9521C also has smart touch technology for touchscreen capability for easy navigation through the menu options or just changing settings quickly and easily. There’s even an automatic document feeder which supports up to 30 pages so that you don’t have to individually load each one. It is easy to share memories as you’ll have the perfect printer for whatever device suits your mood at the moment!

This is a great printer for the price! Allows you to print from anywhere with an internet connection or, if it has wifi, without. The touchscreen makes navigation very easy, and the Free app that comes along with it gives you all kinds of awesome options to make your pictures look better than they would in any other picture frame.

I recommend this printer to anyone who wants only one printer but doesn’t want to spend over $200 on just one because there are multiple ways that people can use this device. If you have someone who wants a personal picture frame, then this is perfect for them because you get exactly what they want; if you have a business owner or someone in charge of photos at school or work, then it’s also perfect for their photo needs.


  • Has individual ink cartridges so that you never have to replace all of your ink at once!
  • Prints without having to flip the page, saving paper and time.
  • Smart touch technology allows for touchscreen capability and easy navigation through the menu options or settings changes quickly and easily.
  • The Borderless Printing is not good on this printer.

06# Brother HL-L2300D – Best Duplex Printer for Index Cards

Brother HL-L2300D Printer“Imagine this: you could go from printer to print and back again in under six seconds. Your office would be running smoothly with virtually no complications because of unparalleled ease of use. You save time, too, by getting the job done faster. And it’s all made possible through simple conveniences such as a high-speed USB2 interface that is compatible with any major operating system.

Save money on office supplies and never worry about running out of paper again with the Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer. Print up to 27 pages per minute on your own schedule, using best-in-class toner for a black text that is crisp and clear.

For a professional tone, you can rely on this laser printer’s duplex printing capabilities for double-sided documents at the same speed you print single-sided sheets. Keep things tidy by stacking 250 sheets into its storage tray to conserve space while keeping enough copies printed during high demand periods so that waiting doesn’t slow down your workflow!

This Brother Monochrome Laser Printer is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems so that you can use it with almost any application in your home office. Its compact design fits easily on any desktop, so you can present a professional image to your clients.

Overall, the Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer is affordable and requires very little effort to set up. Once you place it on your desk, you’ll have access to printing at lightning speed with the help of its duplexing capabilities. The printer is also easy to use, making it a good fit for any type of small business or home office that needs black and white pages printed at critical moments.


  • It prints really fast for a laser printer.
  • The quality is amazing for both printing colour photos and black text on white paper.
  • It prints two-sided documents in a single pass.
  • I wish it had wifi capability, but it’s not a big deal for the price.

07# Canon TR8620 – Best compact printer for Index cards

Canon TR8620 All-In-One PrinterForget the hassle of setting up, downloading drivers, and connecting to a printer over wifi. The Canon TR8620 is all you need. With innovative features that make printing easier than ever before, this versatile machine is perfect for your home business or family needs.

The Canon TR8620, with its 4.3″ LCD touchscreen, makes it easy to control every function from anywhere in your office. Control options include; easy setup for smartphones and computers through intuitive touch screen controls, faxing paper documents fast and easily using the 20 sheets automatic document feeder (ADF), print from your favourite mobile devices, including iOS products like Apple AirPrint, which means you can print wirelessly from these devices without a USB connector, you can also print from Android devices using the Canon PRINT app, save time and money by printing on both sides of your paper.

This will save up to 50% of paper costs and a low cost per page since you are using less. You can also print from your SD memory card, which is convenient when taking photos on the go or if you want to have copies of the pictures you just took.

With Canon’s excellent software such as My Image Garden, Digital Photo Professional, Picture Style Editor & MP Navigator EX, you can make it easy to create stunning works of art with this printer.

My Image Garden software gives Mac users easy access to their images for editing and organizing purposes. This is designed so you can keep all your memories in one place on your computer, no matter if they are digital or traditional pictures.

You have unlimited capabilities to do things like sharing photos over social media sites easily since there is one button upload option available, view any photo by scrolling through them in an album format with autoplay, and best of all, you can print your pictures at any time with ease because there is a built-in calendar for tracking all the dates.

The Canon TR8620 also includes a 128MB memory card slot to make it easy to print images from SD cards – perfect for downloading photos or uploading them directly from your camera.

What else do you want from it?

This Canon printer is perfect for anyone. This machine can be used by the whole family or company with its 4.3″ LCD touchscreen, mobile phone compatibility, and many more additional features. If you want to print straight from your phone or tablet without a computer, then AirPrint allows you to do that wirelessly through easy touch screen controls like never before!


  • Canon print software is easy to use and download.
  • It’s fast, productive and reliable.
  • It allows you to scan images, documents or barcodes, making it easy to access your work materials either at home or in the office.
  • It has an Eco-Box function which helps to save power when not in use by automatically turning the unit off after 30 minutes; that’s a bonus.
  • Not so great for larger loads of printing, with paper jams being the most common problem if you are not using standard-sized papers.


Picking the right printer for your index cards does not have to be a pain. Having all of the information you need and knowing how to use it will help you find the best printer for your needs and home or office.

The most important thing is that you know what kind of quality and functionality that you are looking for in a new printer so that you can find one that will satisfy your needs and requirements. Having a reliable printer is essential for your daily activities. You need it for work, home and school, so you may also make sure that you find the right one.

It will save time, money, and frustration in the long run if you just take some time to research these things now before buying one of your own. You should be able to find all of the information that you need to know about printers here on this blog, and we hope that it is helpful to you.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is an excellent choice for finding the best printer for index cards. This printer prints with high-quality digital photos using dye-sublimation technology, which produces vibrant colours that last longer than traditional inkjet printers. This is especially helpful for anyone who needs their prints to be perfect and clear every time.

I hope this article was helpful for you! Thank you for reading my blog! If you like this article, please share it with your friends on Google+, Facebook, Twitter,… Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, write me a comment below. I will be happy to know what your thoughts are.

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